2021 Builders

  N514- 11305 Peppermint Street- Mark Simpson     RES-NEW-20-01672 - UNDER REVIEW - RES-FND-20-00534 UNDER REVIEW
N515- 11307 Peppermint Street- Landis Homes         RES-NEW-20-01602   - ISSUED
N516- 11309 Peppermint Street- Built by Mastercraft    RES-NEW-20-01593  - ISSUED
N552- 6326 Passionflower Drive- Caliber- SOLD        No permit on file
N554- 11308 Peppermint Street- Mason Construction       No permit on file
N555- 11306 Peppermint Street-Joe Kroll       No permit on file
N556- 11304 Peppermint Street- Leo Thieneman   RES-NEW-20-01670 - AWAITING PAYMENT OF PERMIT FEE
N557- 11302 Peppermint Street- Ramage Company-SOLD      No permit on file

LOT N513

Matt French and Wesley Williams

Caliber Homes




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