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4,875 Sq. Ft.

5 Bedrooms

3.5 Baths

2207 White Oak Way, Fisherville, KY 40023

2023 HMRA Welch The Jillian Color Rendering Final.jpg
  • Extensive brick detail

  • Walk-out basement

  • Ceiling features

  • Custom built entertainment center

  • Wet bar

  • Custom built kitchen cabinets and vanities

  • Fireplace stone surround

  • Screened in rear porch

  • 3 car garage

  • Tall ceiling in lower level

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Scott Welch

Welch Builders


Interior Design

Kevin Vallance, Kiersten Trover,

Devona Shakespeare, Dionne Templeton 

Century Entertainment & Furnishings


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Appliances, Furnishings, Interior Design/Finishes/Lighting, Kitchen Cabinetry, Security System, Theatre/Audio System:

Century Entertainment & Furnishings

Tile: Louisville Tile

Closet Design: AG Glass | Contact: Jim Hayes

Concrete: JK Meridth

Exterior Lighting: Brechers Lighting

Financing: River City Bank

Flooring: Carpet Specialists | Contact: Dawn Missi

Interior Trim: Trim MD | Contact: Jody

Landscaping: Exterior Design | Contact: Dean Hedges

Masonry: VMG Masonry | Contact: Victor Loduas

Plumbing: Dauenhauer Plumbing | Contact: Jeff Carlisle

Roofing: New Level | Contact: Jeremy Cassady

Window & Door: PC Lumber | Contact: Dave Epperson

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